Hacking CGM’s to smartphones

October 31, 2014- Interviewed by Steven E. Greer, MD

Type 1 diabetes patients using continuous glucose monitors have been creating their own software, or hacking, to allow their CGM to send the data to a more manageable smartphone. This allows parents and other parties to monitor the health of loved ones, as well as makes the data more easily available to see on smart-watches.

Dexcom recently received the first FDA approval for this type of smartphone system, called the G4 SHARE. The CEO, Terry Gregg, discusses this concept, with diabetes expert Jay Skyler, MD, from Miami.

Disclaimer: Dr. Skyler has various relationships with Dexcom.


  • By Paul, December 13, 2014 @ 11:31 am

    Those “rogues” saved my kid’s life, without thought of profit… with a system that has been more reliable than our (dust collecting) Share.

  • By T1D Caregiver, December 15, 2014 @ 4:14 am

    Dexcom Costs:
    Cradle Share- $299
    IPhone unlocked- $335
    Cost iPhone plan -$10+/month

    Limitations- Dexcom Share only works if its plugged into an outlet with the Dexcom receiver docked into it. It is bulky, has to be plugged and unplugged constantly into a notoriously fragile charging port (replacement of Dexcom receiver $199).  It only works with iPhone.  In short, the Share cannot be easily transported to different locations, thus limiting visibilty of T1D blood sugars and providing opportunity to miss low or high blood sugars.

    Nightscout Costs:
    Android phone: $79
    Software:  free
    Cord:  $5
    Phone service with Ting: $10/mo
    Optional: Pebble watch $80-200

    Limitations:  carrying an extra phone. Wearing a Pebble.  Nightscout is compatible with several phones.  Phone or internet service is needed so blood sugars can be checked anytime and anywhere.

    - Thank you Nightscout for keeping my child safe while I work at night (single parent reliant on sitters and Nightscout).
    - Thank you Nightscout for allowing me to alert the school of a severe low prior to my child getting on the bus for a 30 minute ride home!
    -Thank you Nightscout for allowing my child to see blood sugars on the Pebble watch and learn good self care!
    -Thank you Nightscout for giving Type 1 diabetics more control over their health! 
    - Thank you Nightscout for reducing the constant stress and worry that parents/caregivers of Type 1 diabetics have.
    - Thank you Nightscout for letting my child to finally attend a sleepover!
    -Thank you Nightscout for allowing my child to have a safer time playing sports! 
    -Thank you Nightscout for being affordable in a time where corporations ar making billions of dollars from the suffering of others!

    Thank you Nightscout for saving lives! 

    Big Corporations: The people behind Nightscout have made a better product in their own free time than the paid makers of Dexcom Share. Nightscout only profits off the feeling they receive by helping others cope with a life consuming disease. Look to Nightscout for inspiration of future products. Get involved with those who live with TID or caregivers of those with TID. Dexcom Share missed the boat in a lot of ways. Efforts for Dexcom Share are applauded, but Nightscout gets the standing ovation.

  • By Pierre, December 15, 2014 @ 6:32 am

    FWIW, the “cowboy” system’s reliability and flexibility are the only reasons I keep buying Dexcom sensors and haven’t switched fully to the Abbott Libre.

  • By RHns, December 15, 2014 @ 7:45 am

    Terry Gregg should have tipped his hat in gratitude to the cowboy and cowgirl’s who made the Dexcom an even more valuable tool in the care and wellbeing of my child with T1D. Shame on him! Be proud! Be NightScout.

  • By Gradilyn, December 15, 2014 @ 10:42 am

    I love our Dexcom. I would consider it one of my most valued things. I understand that from a business perspective this is frustrating. I am aware you are working very hard to bring these technology’s to us. And I believe they are fantastic. But products need approval and that takes time. Whether nightscout or share… These products change our life’s. Going places without me! Amazing! So love the product, highly dislike this video though. The MD crossed the line with name calling. “Helicopter parents”. How about building people up and acting professional. If my doctor called me that, I would start a search for a new, understanding doctor. This video let me feeling disconnected with Dexcom. I have the share. It is great. But not affordable for most at this point. Over $700 spent on cradle and phone. Give nightscout a break. Keep working on getting your great products into out hand! Until then, we are just trying to keep or children safe with known risk of Nightscout. Think it over before sending these messages. Respect is lost for the company. Nightscout are wonderful people working with what we have. Plus it is a great support for all 9000 of us Nightscouter!

  • By Wanitta, December 15, 2014 @ 11:36 am

    I am an adult living with T1D and Nightscout has been a tremendous benefit to me. This video is very unkind toward the thousands who are purchasing Dexcom because of all that Nightscout has to offer.

  • By Dawn, December 15, 2014 @ 10:17 pm

    I’m so grateful for Dexcom G4, it has saved my daughters life twice in her sleep for lows under 30 out of the blue.
    Nightscout has added to G4 functionality, my daughter has more freedom now and I feel so much calmer now, especially when she is running road races.
    I love looking down at my pebble and seeing her bg. before she’d have like lows and highs at school and she’d take sugar or correct her bg once there was no insulin on board but now I can spot it and advice her to temp basal up or down or I can tell if her pump is malfunctioning and go down to give her a new site.
    I can prevent lows now with Nightscout by noticing arrows doubling down where Dexcom g4 alerts once low is already happening.
    again I am grateful for both and I never want to go to life without either again, well until a cure.

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