Don Berwick, MD, MPP

Harvard pediatrician. Former CEO of IHI. Former Director of CMS (Medicare)

“Great Job, Steve.  I saw one of the segments”

Duke Cameron, MD

Cardiac Surgeon-in-Charge, The Johns Hopkins Hospital

“I must say I am enjoying your (content) more and more.  It is provocative, insightful and direct. Can’t say I agree with your point of view every time but it is a refreshing alternative to the hyped, cloaked advertising that characterizes much of medical news in the media……especially the web.”

Joyce Greenleaf

Regional Inspector General, OIG of the HHS

(The video interview) was great to see-my whole office saw it. Thank you for the opportunity to talk about (our OIG report)

Christopher Attinger, MD

Chair, Department of Wound Healing, Georgetown University Medical Center, surgeon trained in hand, plastic, and vascular surgery at Harvard and NYU, Vietnam purple heart

“I look forward to each new story…keep up the great work!!”

Leonard Saltz, MD

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

“I love this stuff…I don’t always agree with you, but interesting to see what you are saying.”

William Maisel, MD

Harvard, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (now at the FDA)

“I saw your recent interview with the FDA’s Dr. Sharfstein.  You are extremely professional and should consider serving in that role more often.”

Atul Gawande, MD

Surgeon at Harvard’s Dana Farber Cancer Center and Brigham and Women’s Hospital, author, presidential advisor

“Very interesting….you hit this spot on”

Harlan M Krumholz, MD

Professor, Yale School of Medicine

“Thanks – nicely done”

Bill Hawkins

CEO, Medtronic

“Thanks for helping communicate the need with your news network.”

Andy Pollock

The New York Times

“Thanks. Looks like you have some pretty interesting stuff.”

Sanjay Kaul, MD

Professor, Cedars Sinai, UCLA

“Excellent commentary! Balanced and thoughtful.”

Prosper Benhaim, MD

UCLA, Chief of Hand Surgery

“WOW. I am genuinely impressed with how far you have taken this - you have been successful where most would not have been, largely because you didn’t just imitate others but chose to “speak the truth”. Congratulations.”

Peter Bach, MD

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

“You did a tremendous job, and your views are very interesting and not widely understood”

Alicia Mundy

The Wall Street Journal

“Fascinating analysis you did on the drug pricing” “Your story definitely got read on the Hill… it was a terrific read and very clear. Staffers had printed out copies of it I saw in their hands. It got read a lot.”

Brian Jones

Senior VP of Operations, Fox Business Network

“Great story. Congrats!!!  On the front edge as usual”

Charles Payne

Anchor/analyst Fox News, Fox Business Network

“You have been doing great work on this BTW”

David Bahner, MD

ER physician, The Ohio State University medical Center

“I liked how you edited it and had the students scanning as I was answering.  I thought it turned out well. Thanks for the opportunity!!”

Mark Scheonebaum, MD

Johns Hopkins/Top-ranked biotech financial analyst

“Very cool idea. I love it”

Joshua Schimmer, MD MBA

Harvard/financial analyst

“Differentiated take. You do good work”

Roger Sergel

ABC News, healthcare producer

“I thought your analysis of Provenge was excellent. I had heard back from a number of experts about many of those points, but you had very specific data….I cannot stress enough that some of  your written analysis of data and the way you cover the drug industry is what has caused me to make contact with you.”


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