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Legal Professor Randy Barnett: The constitutional challenges to the healthcare reform law

Update: June 28, 2012 by Steven Greer

The biggest winner from the Supreme Court ruling today that said the PPACA “ObamaCare” law was unconstitutional for using the “commerce clause” to justify the mandate to buy insurance was Georgetown law professor Randy Barnett. It was his previous loss in the Supreme Court challenging the commerce clause in a different case that guided the opponents of the PPACA in this case.

The Supreme Court agreed that the commerce clause was being wrongly used to justify the individual mandate to buy health insurance or else be fined by the IRS. Professor has gone from being a possible double-loser in the highest court in the land, to being a vindicated legal scholar.


Georgetown Law Center Legal Theory Professor Randy Barnett discusses the core arguments being made by numerous State Attorneys Generals that the newly passed healthcare reform law is unconstitutional. In Part 1, the “commerce clause”, whether that empowers the federal government to mandate health insurance, and the tax penalty for those not purchasing insurance, are evaluated on the merits.

In Part 2, Professor Barnett discusses whether the new law infringes on the sovereignty of the states, and privacy rights of individuals. He then estimates the chances of the Supreme Court ruling in favor of the Attorney General’s lawsuits.

Chris Attinger, MD: revascularization techniques for lower limb salvage

Christopher Attinger, MD, of Georgetown University Medical Center briefly discusses revascularization techniques for lower limb salvage.

Chris Attinger, MD: Wound care devices

Christopher Attinger, MD, Director of the Georgetown Medical Center for wound healing, discusses new medical devices used for debriding wounds in the OR and devices used to facilitate wound healing. Devices discussed include KCI’s VAC, The Versajet by Smith and Nephew, hyperbaric oxygen chambers by Perry, and others.

Chris Attinger, MD: a tour of the Georgetown wound care center

Chris Attinger, MD of Georgetown Medical center gives a walking tour of the Center for Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Oxygen, which he founded. This is a very unique center due in large part to Dr. Attinger’s diverse surgical training in vascular and plastic surgery. Dr. Attinger’s ability to perform below-the-knee revascularization is crucial for the high rate of limb salvaged achieved at his wound care center. The center is also unique in having almost all of the therapies and diagnostic tools in-house. We took a tour.

Chris Attinger, MD: Lower limb salvage

Christopher Attinger, MD, of Georgetown University Medical Center, gives an overview of the multidisciplinary approached used by his wound care center to salvage lower limbs with chronic wounds and prevent amputation. This approach has allowed his center to post dramatically higher salvage rates that the United States averages.

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