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60 Minutes exposes Duke medical center for failing to expose cancer researcher’s fruadulent work

The President of MD Anderson discusses changes needed in the cancer trial process

Produced and interviewed by Steven Greer, MD

The President of the MD Anderson Cancer Center, Dr. John Mendelsohn, summarizes the IOM report he chaired that listed recommendations for streamlining the NCI clinical cancer trial process and modernizing the trial designs.

In Part 1, Dr. Mendelsohn explains:

  • What is the NCI (what agency does it fall under, its mission, etc)
  • Some major advancements in cancer therapy made possible by NCI research
  • Why pharma and biotech companies do not have an incentive to conduct trials that the NCI does conduct
  • What agencies the NCI collaborates with (ECOGs, private industry, etc)

In Part 2, Dr. Mendelsohn discusses the recommendations in the IOM report. Specifically:

  • How the IOM report on changes to the NCI came about
  • How the NCI can reduce redundant offices and consolidate
  • What changes the FDA should make in terms of making a single “cancer” division
  • What are “biobanks” and how they should be implemented
  • Are surrogate parameters, such as PFS, acceptable as endpoints?

In Part 3, Dr. Mendelsohn discusses:

  • How biomarkers, such as KRAS or EGFR mutations, should be used in trials
  • How the NCI investigators can be compensated better.
  • What the AMA can do regarding CPT codes for experimental therapies

Interviewed by Steven Greer, MD

Edward Kim, MD: Abraxane for lung cancer

Edward S Kim, MD, Chief, section of head and neck medical oncology, at The MD Anderson Cancer Center discusses the albumin-bound paclitaxel drug branded as Abraxane to treat NSCLC. He reviews the recent phase 3 trial and the possibility that the drug might work in squamous cell variety whereas many other lung cancer drugs are ineffective in squamous cell cancers of the lung

Khandan Keyomarsi, PhD: Cyclin-E and resistance to breast cancer oncotherapy

Khandan Keyomarsi, PhD, Professor in Medical Oncology at The University of Texas’ MD Anderson Cancer Center discusses her recent paper on the role of Low Molecular Weight Cyclin-E in causing breast cancer cells to become resistant to certain cancer fighting drugs given to ER+ breast cancer patients.

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