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Symbicort TV ad uses Jeff Bridges voice over cheesy actor

For some reason, the group-think mentality of the advertising agancies that make the big national TV ads dictates that it is essential to have voice-over of actors. In this Symbicort ad, it sure sounds like Jeff Bridges.




Evil marketing by soda drink makers

Nortin Hadler, MD: lack of evidence for widespread statin use

Produced and interviewed by Steven Greer, MD

Nortin Hadler, MD, Professor of medicine and microbiology/immunology at The University of North Carolina School of Medicine, discusses the weakness in the body of literature to support the widespread usage of statins to lower cholesterol.

Key provision of PPACA “Obamacare” could be overruled by Supreme Court

March 27, 2012  By Steven Greer, MD

Today was the most important day of the historic three-day Supreme Court hearing evaluating the constitutionality of the PPACA law, otherwise known as “Obamacare”, because it addressed the “commerce clause” of the constitution that is the justification for mandating people buy healthcare insurance. The full audio and transcripts are available on the Supreme Court’s web site. Listening to the audio is imperative to fully appreciate the proceedings.

In the opening acts, the U.S. Solicitor General Donald Verrilli, gave his arguments supporting the PPACA law. By our count, there seems to be a majority of the court opposed to allowing the commerce clause to justify the insurance mandate.

The next two lawyers before the court represented the 26 State Attorney’s General opposing PPACA. Paul Clement, former U.S. Solicitor General, argued on behalf of the states and the Florida appeal. The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), represented by Michael Carvin, also appealed the PPACA and argued before the court.

The issue of whether the penalties imposed on people who fail to buy health insurance is a tax, and therefore constitutional, was also argued. Recall, in order to pass the PPACA, congress and the president specifically stated that the PPACA did not impose a tax, which has turned out to backfire on supporters of PPACA.

By our count, there seems to be at least a majority of five justices who oppose allowing the commerce clause to support the PPACA.

1- Chief Justice Roberts: strong negative comments throughout the day

2- Justice Kennedy: strong negative comments throughout the day

3- Justice Scalia: strong negative comments throughout the day

4- Justice: Alito: strong negative comments throughout the day

5- Justice Thomas made no comments, as usual, and is widely viewed to be in opposition of PPACA

In support of the PPACA were:

1- Justice Kagan (see page 23 of the transcripts)

2- Justice Sotomayor (although she was on the fence and not a sure supporter of commerce clause, see page 22)

3- Justice Breyer, although Breyer was equivocal and was critical of the commerce clause in the opening section

4- Justice Ginsburg (see pages 18 and 19 where she argued with Justice Scalia)

Most of the justices seemed to believe that the PPACA penalties are not a tax, which would be a blow to the proponents of the law. On page 47, even Justice Ginsburg was critical. On page 48, Kagan was also skeptical of calling it a tax.

Leno jokes about Rick Perry’s Merck lobbyist ties

September 14, 2011

Man shoots himself practicing quick draw

July 11, 2011

Why guns can be not so safe, ala Plaxico Burress of the New York Giants.

More price gouging: Makena increased 7,400%

March 30, 2011

The Healthcare Channel first reported in 2009 on the concept of generic drug makers becoming sole manufacturers of cheap drugs, then using that monopoly pricing power to jack up prices several thousands of percent. An ear drop drug called Acetasol was the case example then as it increased more than 1000% once Actavis became the sole supplier.

Now, in the mainstream news this time, is an example involving a more life-essential drug that prevents preterm deliveries: Makena (hydroxyprogesterone caproate) made by K-V Pharmaceutical Co. The FDA approved the drug in February with patent protection similar to the monopoly pricing power of the Acetasol example. Pharmacists had been preparing the drug for decades and selling it for approximately $20 per dose. The new branded version, Makena, was priced at $1,500 per dose, a 7,400% increase. K-V Pharma promptly sent legal warning letters forcing local pharmacists to cease and desist making the cheaper alternative.

Addressing the public outcry, the FDA announced that it will allow the local pharmacists to continue formulating the $20 versions.

To learn more about the American healthcare policy that allows such outrageous price gouging of medicines, refer to our previous story.

Robert Litchfield, MD: Knee arthroscopy for arthritis

September 10, 2008

The New England Journal of Medicine has an important landmark study comparing the use of knee arthroscopy and physical therapy for Osteoarthritis pain. This study was designed to answer controversies of previous negative trials.


Interviews with Steven Greer, MD

A sampling of some interviews with Dr. Steven Greer


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