Single-pill combo regimens for HIV

July 28, 2014- Interviewed by Steven E. Greer, MD

Rajesh Tim Gandhi, MD of the Massachusetts General Hospital discusses the NEJM review paper he co-wrote with his sister, Monica Gandhi, MD, discussing the current state of therapy for HIV-infected patients. He then addresses limitations of the existing drugs and how future medications can improve.

Has the ACA law begun to reduce the uninsured, and at what cost?

July 27, 2014- Interviewed by Steven E. Greer, MD

Ben Sommers, MD PhD, from the Harvard School of Public Health has a new article in the NEJM that attempts to quantify the total number of uninsured people in the country, and map it out temporally to show whether the newly implemented Obamacare law is working as intended.

The Weekly Summary

Gaza girl injuredJuly 21st – July 27th

In the general news, the bodies of flight MH17 were gathered from the Ukraine and flown back to Amsterdam. Israel shelled Gaza more, killing more than 1,000 civilians, triggering unrest in the West Bank. In the U.S., news was slow as the vacation season hits full steam.

In healthcare business news, earnings continued with mostly strong revenue stories. Gilead’s (GILD) Sovaldi exceeded estimates. Robotic surgery rebounded for ISRG. Multiple sclerosis continues to be a good disease for BIIB. However, struggling were GSK and ZMH. Allergan (AGN) also cut 13% of the workforce. Lastly, JNJ approved a $5 B share buyback.

On the data front, Puma (PBYI) spiked 200% on good data for its drug neratinib treating breast cancer. Inovio (INO) met endpoints in a trial of VGX-3100 to treat cervical cancer. Incyte’s (INCY) Jakafi failed in polycythemia vera failed. Lastly, a landmark head-to-head study on bladder cancer showed no benefit to ISRG’s robots compared to open surgery.

From the FDA, GILD’s Zydelig was approved for leukemia and lymphoma.

How did a small academic lab succeed where big medical device companies failed?

July 5, 2014- Interviewed by Steven E. Greer, MD

The New England Journal of Medicine recently published the early clinical data on the “bionic pancreas” being developed by engineers at Boston University and medical doctors at Massachusetts General hospital. We interviewed Ed Damiano, PhD, the lead biomedical engineer, and Steven Russell, MD PhD, the lead endocrinologist.

In Part 3, we asked them how their small lab funded only by the NIH succeeded at developing the bionic pancreas when large companies, such as Roche, Medtronic, Abbott, and JNJ all failed.


The Daltrey Townshend teenage and young adult cancer center at UCLA

More than 20 years ago, Roger Daltrey began forming special cancer units in the UK to treat patients in their teenage and young adult years. Now, with the other member of the legendary rock band The Who, Pete Townshend, they have formed the UCLA Daltrey/Townshend cancer center and are planning more in the united states. We had the honor to be granted a rare interview with Mr. Daltrey.

Interview with Simon Townshend about the Daltrey/Townshend Teen Cancer Program

The Daltrey Townshend teenage and young adult cancer center at UCLA


Senator Grassley discusses the NIH and industry bias

45 years ago, a humble man from Ohio landed on the moon

Neil ArmstrongJuly 19, 2014- By Steven E. Greer, MD

Forty-five-years ago tomorrow (July 20th, 1969), Neil Armstrong became the first human to step onto the moon, with his poignant and profound proclamation, “That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind”. Who was Neil Armstrong and why was he chosen to be the first? Read more »

The subcutaneous ICD

The concept of applying high voltage to shock a heart out of Read more »

The Weekly Summary

Body in fieldJuly 14th – July 20th

In the general news, Russia escalated the Ukraine invasion to a new level when Russian-backed terrorists downed a civilian airliner with a surface-to-air missile, killing 283 Europeans and Asians. Elsewhere, Israel invaded Gaza with tanks. In the U.S., Fed Chair Yellen said that biotech and social media stocks were a bubble. In sports, Rory McElroy won the British Open.

In healthcare business news, Read more »

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