Half of Dr. Oz’s medical advice is baseless or wrong, study says

December 19, 2014- The Washington Post reports, “And now, his work has come under even greater scrutiny in the British Medical Journal, which on Wednesday published a study analyzing Oz’s claims along with those made on another medical talk show. Read more »

Peter Thiel, Silicon Valley icon, tells us that he uses rHGH. Is it safe?

December 18, 2014- By Steven E. Greer

One of the most respected and wealthiest men in Silicon Valley is Peter Thiel. He co-founded PayPal with Elon Musk and was the first investor in Facebook. He gave an interview to Bloomberg TV today and talked about ways to extend the lifespan of humans, Read more »

HBO’s John Oliver devotes 16-minutes on the Dr. Oz senate hearing

Little guy challenges Dr. Oz over copyright infringement and wins

September 12, 2013- By Steven E. Greer, MD

Under certain circumstances, copyrighted text or video content can be used by others without permission or payment if it falls under the “fair use” laws. Whether “fair use” applies or not is a murky area of law even when Read more »

Current surgical weight loss therapies

January 24, 2014- Interviewed by Steven E. Greer, MD

Erik Dutson, MD, weight loss surgeon at UCLA, explains why his medical center does not implant the Lap-Band, and how the “sleeve” bypass is the main procedure of choice now for weight loss surgery.

Bill O’Reilly’s flagrantly sexist comments about Senator Elizabeth Warren

December 16, 2014- By Steven E. Greer, MD

As cable TV ratings fall across the board, and Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly ages and loses his foothold as the most watched show on Fox, he seems to be pandering to his white conservative Read more »

Hacking CGM’s to smartphones

October 31, 2014- Interviewed by Steven E. Greer, MD

Type 1 diabetes patients using continuous glucose monitors have been creating their own software, or hacking, to allow their CGM to send the data to a more manageable smartphone. This allows parents and other parties to monitor the health of loved ones, as well as makes the data more easily available to see on Read more »

The inadequate FDA medical device safety surveillance system: a case study

January 25, 2012 By Steven Greer, MD

I have worn contact lenses for more than twenty years without any problems. But recently, my eyes began to disagree with them. In the course of investigating the possible reasons why, I uncovered some shocking inadequacies of the FDA reporting system meant to detect safety problems in medical devices, and also discovered ongoing problems in the way that Johnson and Johnson (JNJ) deals with medical device safety problems.

In October of 2011, I received a new batch of JNJ-made Acuvue Advance contact lenses (Silicone hydrogel lenses meant to be worn for two weeks), purchased from Utah supplier “1-800-CONTACTS”, which is now affiliated with Walmart in an “alliance” of distribution. I have used Read more »

The Weekly Summary

Insider tradersDecember 8th – December 14th

 In the general news, Japan’s economy was the latest to falter. Oil prices continued to decline as demand fell across the globe, triggering the U.S. stock markets to have the worst week in years. Meanwhile, the protests demanding justice after Read more »

Update: Actavis 1000% drug price hike: a case for healthcare reform

ActavisUpdate December 13, 2014- CBS’ Dr. Lapook began investigating a similar Actavis business move as the one we first reported on in 2009, below. He looked into how the company removed from the market the drug Namenda, which will lose patent protection soon, forcing patients to instead buy the much more expensive Namenda XR that will still be protected by a patent. The New York Attorney General then sued Actavis and won.

May 26, 2009, By Steven E. Greer, MD

The most significant problem with the American healthcare system is cost inflation making insurance more and more unaffordable for many small companies and individuals. According to The White House, Medicare spending is the biggest budgetary crisis. Read more »

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